Captain Douglas Archer

Meet Captain Douglas Archer, the esteemed Commanding Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves (TTDFR). With a wealth of experience and dedication to service, Captain Archer leads the Reserves with unwavering commitment, ensuring they remain a highly professional and well-prepared force ready to support national and international security needs.

Our Mission

To defend the sovereign good of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and to provide on a continuous basis, quality service for safety and security within it’s maritime boundries and any other area of responsibility agreed to by the state to fulfill its international obligation.

our roles & responsibilities

Maintaining the Internal security of Trinidad and Tobago
Assistance of Local Law Enforcement


Originally established as the Volunteer Defence Force in September 1963, the Defence Force Reserves now represent the non-active duty arm of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. Initially formed to provide essential reinforcements to the regular force, their mandate has since expanded. Today, the Reserves serve as a highly professional and well-trained force, poised to respond effectively to national and international security needs. Beyond their traditional role, they actively contribute to community development initiatives and support hemispheric and international security efforts. Notably, the Reserves have been called upon for diverse tasks, including assisting law enforcement and providing security during significant events like Trinidad’s hosting of the 5th Summit of the Americas in 2009.


* base marked using red marker *

defence force RESERVES headquarters

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves train at various locations nationwide, including regional military bases and training facilities. Their primary operating base is located at Tucker Valley Road, Chaguaramas, where facilities like the one at Macqueripe Mail Road contribute to their training and operational capabilities. These sites ensure efficient coordination and rapid mobilization when needed.